West Hollywood City Hall Automated Garage and Community Plaza

The first fully-automated parking garage on the West Coast, the City of West Hollywood celebrated the grand opening of the smart garage in May 2016. The project was a component of the City’s 25th Anniversary Capital Project. The parking structure not only provides a better, more convenient experience for residents and visitors, but also fulfils a need for additional parking while reducing the carbon footprint that a traditional parking structure would generate otherwise.

The West Hollywood City Hall Automated Garage and Community Plaza is located at 8300 N. Sweetzer Avenue. It was a LEED Silver-targeted project consisting of a 200-car, five level above-grade automated vehicle storage/retrieval system (AVSRS). It is the first fully-automated public parking garage on the West Coast. The AVSRS systems includes the computer software, hardware, and parking equipment for operation of a parking revenue system with monthly permits for key card access and revenue collection devices for transit users. The software and controls will track the location of each vehicle stored in the facility and return the vehicle when requested upon initiation of the retrieval process by the patron. This software is compatible and integrated with the Owner’s parking and revenue control system from SKIDATA. The AVSRS is designed to support a single input from the patron for the safe storage or retrieval of their vehicle.

Heery provided management services through the design phase and construction management for implementation of the work. We also performed final commissioning of the Automated Parking Garage system; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; solar and emergency power systems; access control and CCTV systems; and water feature (fountain).

Being the first fully-automated parking garage on the West Coast, this project had inherent challenges since it could not be benchmarked against similar systems. The design, layout, and construction are unique. As such, finding contractors with experience with similar or related projects presented a challenge. Some common difficulties were the wireless communication with all the components of the parking garage, such as shuttles and lifts. Another challenge was the combination of monthly parking users and one-time users and the parking system integration with the parking revenue system (SKIDATA). Heery’s in-house commissioning agent provided the needed integration with active communication between the city, designers, parking consultant, general contractor, and parking garage contractor.


Construction Management


West Hollywood, CA


56,300 SF


2016 Project of the Year - Society of Engineers, Los Angeles Chapter