Miami International Airport Admiral's Club

American Airlines Admirals’ Clubs cater to an international client who is expecting high levels of convenience, service and comfort - becoming a true oasis for the traveler. The American Airlines Mexico City Travelers’ lounge needed a refurbished lounge to meet the expectations of its sophisticated travelers. The objective was to turn the lounge into a modern, clean space that reflected the spirit of Mexico.

Heery was tasked to design the renovated Mexico City Travelers lounge. The team’s focus was on designing a space with an easy flow between spaces and clear lines of sight along with adjustable light sources, planes of color and texture and subtle references to Mexican culture and art. Areas of focus included reception, bar and dining and general lounge areas.

The reception area was designed to include a sculptural element composted of light wood and stone. It is back-dropped by a storage unit finished in a darker, contrasting wood and features the Admirals’ Club logo. Both pieces are connected by a glass partition. Following the concept, the bar and restaurant space are designed as clean, geometric forms that are situated to be visually free from adjacent walls and ceilings. The Bar is surrounded on two sides by storage units, with open seating in the front and window seating to the side. The honed quartz of the Bar is set off by the dark wood panels of the storage and is contrasted by a chiseled bas-relief stone wall with the Mayan motif at the entry. The lounge areas are configured with upholstered arm chairs, each facing a coffee table and/or served by a side table. These are augmented by defined areas such as a business area with carrels for individual computer use as well as copy, fax and necessary office supplies. Fabrics and material are selected from richness of texture and color.

Key components of this project include:

  • Interactive, flat screen monitors that track flights
  • Painted glass partitions and doors
  • Quiet areas with lounge chairs and ottomans, enhanced with magazine and book display units
  • A TV area with modular seating and low tables
  • A lounge/dining area adjacent to the food service area that features high backed seating units with continental height dining tables and comfortable dining chairs
  • Groups of swivel lounge chairs around small, low conference/conversation tables
  • Long, built-in upholstered “banquette” seats with small dining height tables faced by moveable small scale swivel chairs


Interior Design


Mexico City, Mexico


6,000 SF