Team building isn’t just trust falls or happy hours
Michael Rometo

I’ve worked at Heery for over 17 years, and in that time, I’ve played/ managed 17 seasons of Heery Softball! I don’t play to show off my athletic ability (of which I am seriously lacking). I don’t play because I like sweating through double headers in the humidity of an Atlanta summer evening. I play because of the folks shown in the picture above. While I am proud to call all of them co-workers, I am more proud to call them all friends. Without softball, how often would I spend an hour socializing with members of the engineering department, sports and interiors studios, human resources, financial services, marketing and IT all at the same time?

When I was younger I didn’t put much stock in the benefits of team sports. Now, I think that bonds formed during Heery Softball games are invaluable to me personally and invaluable to Heery. I developed trust in my teammates much faster than I could have through work-only interactions.  While the names and faces of my teammates change over the years, the benefits of hitting a ball with an aluminum bat and running around a diamond are constant… if only we were good enough to bring home a championship!