University of Oregon EMU Expansion and Renovation

Viewed as the heart of the University of Oregon campus, the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) serves the UO community. According to the University, no Oregon graduate has majored in student unions, but "it would be hard to find a Duck whose college experience wasn't somehow shaped by the EMU." The EMU is a place for students to study, dine, and gather. It has served as the social and student activities hub of the University for over 60 years. However recently, University officials found that the existing building no longer met the University’s expanding needs, which called for the decision to expand and renovate the historic site.

Heery has been selected to provide commissioning services for a seismic and deferred maintenance renovation of the Erb Memorial Union (EMU). Famed as the location for the infamous movie “Animal House,” the EMU Expansion and Renovation project includes substantial renovation of the better functioning and repairable portions of the building, including preservation of the most historically and architecturally compelling elements, and demolition, reconstruction and seismic strategies for the remainder of the building. The project creates an expanded university center, providing programs, services and spaces that are fully aligned with and supportive of the academic mission and values of the institution.

Utility services feeding the EMU include electrical, steam and chilled water from the Central Power Station, another Heery commissioned project. The building utilizes steam for heating and chilled water service for isolated spaces. The building serves multiple functions from meeting spaces, student and staff offices, food service, a craft center, and study areas. This project will perform to the highest levels of energy efficiency, and mirror the State SEED guidelines. Additionally, the project looks to certify at a LEED Gold level.

Heery’s scope satisfies the USGBC requirements for Enhanced Commissioning and University of Oregon design and construction guidelines. This is one of the numerous projects commissioned under an ongoing master services agreement awarded to Heery by the University. Services will provided to support the functionality of the follow components:

  • Student organizational space to include a variety of centers/suites, student union spaces, and a shared Resource Center
  • Expanded conference facilities
  • New spaces that will serve as class meeting spaces
  • A Computing Center and extended smart building infrastructure
  • Expanded food and general retail space
  • A campus Pub
  • EMU programs including Club Sports, Outdoor Program, a new Bike Center, and the Craft Center containing studios for Ceramics, Glass and Woodworking
  • An expanded KWVA Radio Station
  • 250 parking zone




Eugene, Oregon


247,574 SF