Just the beginning...
James Washington


Being an intern at Heery is not just a position but a learning experience, an opportunity, a chance to get insight into things many others may not learn until deep into their career. Ever since the start of this internship, I always enjoyed engineering, from designing soap box cars, to fabricating and reconstructing an old power chair into a remote-controlled lawn mower. Coming here not only made engineering more enjoyable, but gave me more than enough hands-on experience than I thought I would need. Currently, this internship has taken me through mechanical engineering, structural, architecture, fire protection, plumbing and interior design. I have learned so much and the insight that I have received has changed my whole view on engineering, and buildings that I see every day.

Before this internship, I would never really notice a building and think about all it took to make it… it was just there. One of the buildings that I truly adore now is the 3400 Overton Office Building. Before this internship, I liked glass buildings, but after working in architectural and structural engineering I have found a new respect for the work and effort put into buildings from designing them to 3D models in Revit, to the construction phase then completion. Engineering, and specifically Heery, has played a major role in what I love about engineering and has convinced me to pursue a career in the amazing field.

 - James is currently a Senior at Drew Charter Senior Academy in Atlanta, spending a year long internship in all facets of Heery International's design disciplines.