Kaiser Sunset Clinic & Medical Office Building

Hillsboro, Oregon

Heery provided retro-commissioning and indoor air quality investigation services to the 40,000 SF Sunset Clinic and Medical Office Building. Heery verified Direct Digital Control (DDC) sensor operation and calibration for each fan and water loop, provided a list of deficiencies found, and analyzed the sequence of operation and detailed operation of the terminal boxes tested. Heery then provided a final comparison of measured and displayed air flow. The final report detailed the system operations, air change rates and maintenance recommendations. Some of the work consisted of training staff on the proper inspection method of systems and spot validation of the staff’s system performance findings. The commissioning team developed two different presentations on their findings – one technical presentation of indoor air quality and HVAC findings given to Kaiser Permanente’s engineering staff, as well a laymans presentation delivered to the clinic occupants and safety staff.